Staff Feature: Operations


Get to know some of the Chicopee Team Members over the next few weeks as we conduct interviews in different departments around the hill.

Kao - Lift Supervisor

How many years have you worked at Chicopee?

"Since 17 years?"

What’s your favourite part about your job?  

"There are so many things I love about being at Chicopee. Here are a few: 

Meeting people who come out from all different cultures, backgrounds and areas of Ontario to learn to ski or board. Then  seeing them get down a run for the first time and their huge smiles and sense of accomplishment is always awesome to see!   

Being on the Patrol Team, the comradery amongst the patrollers who have become great friends who I can call family. All of us love to ski or board and being able to help people on the hill and making a safe and fun experience for everyone is a great feeling.  

As a Lift Supervisor in Operations its been great seeing the behind the scenes of how everything works, and working with some well-seasoned staff who have a love and passion for the hill, and all those who come out to enjoy the winter."

What does a regular day in your life at Chicopee look like?

"Depending on the role, with Patrol, it's getting first tracks opening up all the lifts and making sure each run is safe for all the skiers and boarders. Often times we are engaging with the public and helping those who may have an 'oops' on the hill, or helping someone with positive words of encouragement get down a run safely. 

In regards to the lift supervising and operations side, its opening up the lifts doing our checks in the mornings putting up safety signs and getting the lifts and runs ready to go. Then the lift staff arrive and assigning them to the various lifts on the hill and making sure everyone is working safely, having fun, and interacting with the guests."

One fun-fact you’d like to share about yourself: 

"I've trained in the martial arts for over 20 years, and have been lucky enough to travel to Okinawa Japan on three occasions. One of them involved being caught up in the Tsunami of 2011."